Does your CV need an overhaul?

It’s easy to get into a rut where you simply add your latest role to your CV when you’re ready for a new challenge. However, every now and again, it’s worth taking a step back to review it in its totality. Why not take a look at your current CV with the following questions at the forefront of your mind… [...]

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Making that jump… From Developer/Main Contractor to the PQS/Consultancy side.

Author: Dan Foster Star Wars: Episode 124... A switch to the PQS/Consultancy side? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... A period of relentless heat has hit the Country and the National team have actually won a competitive penalty shoot-out! Though the heat is easing up, the Construction industry continues to excel and the demand for good Quantity [...]

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The four golden rules of changing jobs

Author: Hazel Buckthorpe If you’re a surveyor at a Contractor, Consultancy or Developer, now’s the time to look for your new challenge and find the perfect job to suit your needs and aspirations.  Holidays are almost over, the market is busy and Brexit anxiety doesn’t seem to be slowing things down just yet. It’s worth taking a little time to think [...]

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The devil that is a counter offer

Author: Damian Eatwell Are you disillusioned or feel under-valued in your current role ? Are you looking to move on ? If so, then good luck. However, if you’re good at your job and of significant value to your current company, I GUARANTEE you will get a counter offer. Why ? Well, the bottom line is that your boss has [...]

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All I want for Christmas is…

Author: Dan Foster All I want for Christmas is… Dear Santa (yes, it’s that time of year), Thought I would call in as the kids are very excited; did you receive their letters? I actually wanted to contact you about something I want. I’m a Quantity Surveyor with a nightmare client giving me grief and let’s just say I hope [...]

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Surveyor? Need a new job? DO NOT apply for jobs

Author: Cliff Kemp In today’s market, no quantity surveyor or building surveyor without a conviction for armed robbery or worse, needs to be sitting on the train (or toilet) sending their CV to every recruiter with a Totaljobs account and a fancy logo, when the time comes to move on. Job boards (Monster, etc.) spend billions of pounds each year [...]

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Act fast, avoid disappointment

Author: Damian Eatwell So, the first quarter of the year is almost complete and the recruitment World continues with its ups and downs, as I was initially warned about. One thing that is obviously apparent, is a lack of good Quantity Surveyors. There are plenty that describe themselves as such, but not enough good ones. I have had the pleasure [...]

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Great advice on how to find your next role

Author: Damian Eatwell Having joined the recruitment world relatively late on in life compared to my colleagues, I have the benefit of being able to see the process from both sides of the fence and from all manner of angles. It has become clear to me that one major blockage to a smooth recruitment process is the ‘scatter gun’ approach [...]

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