Not numbers, not candidates, but people.

As I count the days down to a well-deserved Christmas break, I can’t help but reflect on the high amount of Quantity Surveyors – real people – that we have helped find new roles within a Consultancy environment this year.

“Real People”

You’re probably thinking, “Daniel, what do you mean ‘real people’”?

Well, recruitment consultants continue to be tarnished with the brush of not caring about the ‘candidate’ and prioritising getting the highest fee.

According to the angry recruitment haters, they aren’t Quantity Surveyors to me. They’re just a pound sign.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. I work on the basis that every QS I start talking to is a person with a story, a goal in life, and a desire to be happy. My role is to do what I can to help them achieve those things.

We build a relationship and then we get to work.

Remember, this is a partnership that only works if we pull in the same direction. An exciting journey which results in changing a person’s life, hopefully improving a person’s quality of life.

With that comes the emotional roller coaster.

Up and down, day to day, sometimes hour by hour.

But when you find that perfect role and a person says to you that you have changed their life and are extremely thankful, it’s all worth it.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s like seeing your children’s faces when they realise Santa has been. The Christmas tree lights are on and the smiles on their faces… goosebumps! (I’m welling up just thinking about it. It’s been a tough week……)

Unless you’re a mathematician, I’m pretty sure you don’t get the same buzz from manipulating “numbers”.

Life Changing! That sounds like an exaggeration.

Is reducing a person’s travel into work by 2 hours life changing?

Is helping a person make the switch from a main contractor to a consultancy life changing?

Is helping a person find their first Quantity Surveying job life changing?

Is helping a person relocate to the UK life changing?

If these aren’t then I’ll apologise for exaggerating.

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