The four golden rules of changing jobs

Author: Hazel Buckthorpe

If you’re a surveyor at a Contractor, Consultancy or Developer, now’s the time to look for your new challenge and find the perfect job to suit your needs and aspirations.  Holidays are almost over, the market is busy and Brexit anxiety doesn’t seem to be slowing things down just yet.

It’s worth taking a little time to think through what’s important to you and what you really want out of your next move?

Of course, salary is a big factor when choosing your next role… but once the money is taken care of, there are so many other factors worth considering.

1) Think about what type and size of company you want to work for

Only you know what it is you want out of a job. If there’s something that annoys you about your current role, try and articulate what it is. There’s nothing worse than changing jobs to realise you’ve jumped from one company straight into another role with the same issues as the last.

Do you like working for a main contractor where you are part of something big or a niche consultancy where you can shape your own destiny and work with the senior leadership team? Are there specific sectors you’d like to work in?

Do you like working in a big team where you can feed off each other or do you prefer being the one and only specialist as you then have the autonomy to take things in your chosen direction?

2) Be honest about the location

We’ve all been there – the perfect job comes up and you convince yourself that you can spend the extra time travelling. Of course, that could be the case and if you have limited ties, you could of course even move closer so you’re spending less time commuting.

However, if it really is too far, be realistic. Doing a trial run may seem like overkill but it can be a good way for you to get a feel for how your average day could pan out.

The other option is, if it’s your ideal role but it’s further away, you may want to consider discussing more flexibility… which brings us onto our next point.

3) Negotiate the flexibility you need

If you know you’re a great fit for the role and you’re confident you can do the job, there’s always the possibility of discussing flexible working before day one. Today, some employers are open to a discussion about what’s important to you so it’s worth at least having the conversation.

Are you keen to continue your duties on the school run? Maybe you like to catch up on paperwork from home one day a week or you need time to study?

Could freelancing give you the balance you need? We’re experiencing a massive growth in this area and candidates are enjoying the many benefits of this way of working.

Before you start negotiating, it’s worth really thinking through what’s a deal breaker for you. Don’t miss out on your dream job for something that’s just a nice to have. But, at the same time, be brave and suggest a few ideas that would give you some work-life balance.

4) Take a role that you can grow into (and a business that will invest in you)

There’s a certain sense of comfort in taking a job that you know you can do standing on your head. But is that what you really want? If you’ve got the drive to move up the ladder pretty quickly, make sure there’s room to develop into your new job.

Are you working towards your MRICS or any other professional qualification? Are you keen to complete your studies straightaway or over a longer period of time? If you’re looking to manage a team, is there the scope for that in your new role?

Of course, there are times in our lives when not having too much stress at work is a good thing and it’s right to recognise that. However, finding an employer that invests in your continuous development will mean that when the time’s right, you know your aspirations will be met and you can progress in a wider, richer role.

 Make sure every move you make is taking you one step closer to your goals!

Here at Brandon James, our consultants are experts in your specific market and will take the time and effort to understand your priorities and aspirations, that way we can work on your behalf to find the perfect next step for you.

Author: Hazel Buckthorpe

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