Surveyor? Need a new job? DO NOT apply for jobs

Author: Cliff Kemp

In today’s market, no quantity surveyor or building surveyor without a conviction for armed robbery or worse, needs to be sitting on the train (or toilet) sending their CV to every recruiter with a Totaljobs account and a fancy logo, when the time comes to move on.

Job boards (Monster, etc.) spend billions of pounds each year to ensure that, on the day you finally realise you hate your job/boss/office carpet enough to want to hurl yourself down some stairs, they are there on any Google search with a supportive word of encouragement and 437,000 alternative career options.

The overinflated salaries advertised on these sites woo many a job seeker like sweet Sirens’ voices to the deadly rocks. The promise of receiving a salary that would make a BBC presenter blush is too much for most people and logic disappears quicker than your missus with a marriage proposal from Daniel Craig.

Many an Assistant QS with 7 weeks’ experience at a paving sub-contractor has excitedly applied for a role similar to their current one but advertising a salary more commensurate with a salaried partner at Arcadis.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking the job boards themselves, and I myself have used, and continue to use, many of them over the years. My argument is simply that, for certain vocations such as the ones mentioned above, perhaps using these boards isn’t the best option for achieving your career goal.

“Ok, so…errr… what then?”

Here’s the thing. Surveyors, both quantity and building – you are a rare and coveted breed. To people like me you are like a Picasso or Penny Black stamp, an England World Cup win, or a Luton Town promotion.


You are like those pandas at London Zoo that everyone wants to mate so pandas don’t become extinct. If I could force you into cages and make you breed to produce more surveyors, I would.

In the meantime, when I find you, I will look after you. I will listen to your every need and whim, no matter how ridiculous, and although I will calmly and firmly explain to you that 1 year’s APC diary doesn’t qualify you for a company Maserati, I will do everything I can to keep you happy and fulfil your job-related dreams.

I will call and meet every Consultancy, Contractor, PQS, and Developer until I am happy I can put the very best opportunities in front of you. Chances are I already knew about most of them because that’s my job.

“Did you say something about pandas???”

My point is this. Trying to find your own job by using the internet is like trying to do your own brain surgery from a YouTube tutorial. Mistakes will be made, things missed, and there are people better placed to do the job for you.

Whether it’s one of the experts in your field here at Brandon James or another specialist recruiter, sit back, write your resignation letter (then write one with slightly fewer expletives that can actually be handed in) and let us do what we do.

Think of all the amusing cat videos you can watch and all the arguing with strangers you can do on the internet whilst not having to browse for a new job…

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