Great advice on how to find your next role

Author: Damian Eatwell

Having joined the recruitment world relatively late on in life compared to my colleagues, I have the benefit of being able to see the process from both sides of the fence and from all manner of angles. It has become clear to me that one major blockage to a smooth recruitment process is the ‘scatter gun’ approach often employed by job seekers.

As a job seeker (and I use the term in respect of those looking to progress their specialised careers, as opposed to those who call job hunting browsing the internet and swilling coffee whilst watching daytime TV) it is easy to be tempted into this ‘scattergun approach’. By that, I mean posting their CV on as many job boards as possible and speaking to as many recruiters as possible. Well, from what I have already seen, this has an adverse effect. Not only does the job seekers phone become so hot with recruitment calls that their lives become swamped in sales pitches and false promises, but they will also find that their CV will be landing on the desk of every MD, who has ever had the fortune of running a company within a 50 miles radius of their home address, and worse still, landing there on multiple occasions. This not only causes a potential argument over whom the ‘introducing agent’ is but also implies desperation and inevitably turns off a prospective new employer. Now don’t get me wrong, a recruiter sending a CV to half a dozen select clients followed by a call is a legitimate tactic, but some of the less able will religiously ‘mass mail’ a CV out and leave the rest to luck.

I know this happens as I have been a victim of it!

Most frustratingly, in my area of speciality (Quantity Surveying) a job seeker simply doesn’t need to have multiple recruiters taking him/her out to a market so desperate to see a good CV.

My advice is simple. Do some research, pick ONE good recruiter, call them and tell what YOU want your next role to look like. Tell them you are happy to let them represent you exclusively (recruiters are like normal people too, believe it or not, they want to feel a sense of worth and will go just that extra step for you in this instance) Then sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you are being treated as the unique and valuable individual that you are. If you have chosen your recruiter well, the interviews will undoubtedly follow……….

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