Making that jump… From Developer/Main Contractor to the PQS/Consultancy side.

Author: Dan Foster Star Wars: Episode 124... A switch to the PQS/Consultancy side? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... A period of relentless heat has hit the Country and the National team have actually won a competitive penalty shoot-out! Though the heat is easing up, the Construction industry continues to excel and the demand for good Quantity [...]

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The four golden rules of changing jobs

Author: Hazel Buckthorpe If you’re a surveyor at a Contractor, Consultancy or Developer, now’s the time to look for your new challenge and find the perfect job to suit your needs and aspirations.  Holidays are almost over, the market is busy and Brexit anxiety doesn’t seem to be slowing things down just yet. It’s worth taking a little time to think [...]

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