The Eye-Test – Quantity Surveying

Author: Dan Foster

I have not been recruiting in the construction industry for long and it will take some time until I grasp a better understanding of the sector. I am very passionate about sport and often watch a very intelligent sports pundit, columnist and commentator; Skip Bayless. If I have learnt anything from Skip, it is the importance of the ‘Eye test’. Whether you are analysing an athlete, a problem, a job, an industry, use the ‘Eye test’.

The ‘eye test’ is exactly what is says; what do your eyes see.

When I started recruiting it was clear that the Brexit hangover was still lingering over the construction and property industry. Consultants were losing projects, projects were being put on hold and recruitment was minimal at best.

However, towards the end of October and throughout November, the Brexit hangover seems to be almost at an end (I stress ‘almost’).

I speak to consultancies on a daily basis and the confidence in the voices of the Directors is growing. More and more projects have been put out for tendering and thus a number of projects have been awarded. As a result, the demand for Quantity Surveyors is growing once again.

I work predominantly with consultancies in the North of the UK; Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool etc. But I also play a part in London.  My eyes tell me that the client confidence is on the rise across the UK and there is a particular demand for experience Quantity Surveyors. Ranging from intermediate to senior, chartered QS’s.

And now I revert back to what I was told on my first day; Quantity Surveyors are in high demand across the UK but there is an obvious skill shortage.

Experts and academics will provide forecasts, reports and expert analysis which are vital to reading and predicting the future of industry but never forget to use your eyes.

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