Author: Dan Foster

We are now reaching the last week of an amazing first quarter. I can only speak on behalf of my clients and my industry (property and construction), but I can honestly say that there are numerous Quantity Surveying positions available throughout the UK! But not just for young enthusiastic Graduates, but also Senior/Associate level Quantity Surveyors who have already established themselves.

It is never too late for change!

I have spoken with and built up a myriad of relationships with new and old candidates this quarter; all with the ambition to take that next crucial step in their careers, and those just seeking a fresh challenge. On the flip side, clients have been actively seeking new, talented Quantity Surveyors to improve their business and help with their expanding portfolio of projects and schemes.

Throughout quarter 1 the market has and still is full of new and luxurious opportunities.

As a result, interviews where high and new interview boards required!

Records were set and there was excitement and buzz throughout the team.

Drop out

Drop out

Drop out

To those who are new to recruitment, I hope you never have a drop out. Unfortunately it is inevitable. The more people you help, the greater the drop outs. And it hurts. All your hard work – gone!

Those endless days searching for the perfect candidate. The qualification; the numerous phone calls speaking with your clients; guiding your candidate through the interview process, prepping them, chasing feedback, all the way to accepting the offer.

And then…

Drop out.

To my clients and all the businesses who use consultancies/agencies. Yes, I am sure you are frustrated about this sudden, and unexpected drop out. But please note, you are not the only one hurting from this. Yes, I am a human being and yes, I have bills to pay too! It affects me just as much as it affects you.

But I make a promise to you now, old clients of mine, I will do everything I can to prevent drop outs from occurring. However, I can also promise you that there will be more…Drop outs.

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