The construction industry needs Quantity Surveyors like my geraniums need a bloody good downpour!

Author: Dan Foster It was the Summer of 2018 and it was one of the hottest on record. Rain, what rain? 23 young cubs were sent to Russia and returned as a Pride… a Pride of Lions… roared on by an extremely proud nation. Paragon and Bond Davidson joined forces. BBQs every day; Field fires; Trump! The list goes on. [...]

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Do Quantity Surveyors have an identity crisis?

Author: Andrew Clarke I recently read my colleague’s article regarding the shortages that the Construction Industry faces ( and thought that maybe we need to tackle the problem at an even earlier stage? What is a Quantity Surveyor? Up until I was 23, my answer to this question was “What is one of those?” – my point here is that, [...]

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Shortage of QSs solved! Scrap degrees

Author: Cliff Kemp I’ve long had an issue with the entire education system in this country; a system designed hundreds of years ago with none of the understanding we now possess. Your little bundles of joy are working through a process implemented by men who were okay with a bit of slavery and who thought educated women should be burned [...]

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Are QSs the new Premier League footballers???

Author: Cliff Kemp As most of us who make our living from the Construction sector are aware, the explosive growth of technology and the mind-boggling array of careers on offer has caused a crippling ‘brain-drain’ away from white collar Construction roles over the past 20 years. Together with the shortage of skilled blue-collar workers, I can’t help but think that [...]

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Addressing the Quantity Surveying skill shortage

Author: Dan Foster In order to understand my logic, you need to know a little bit about my background; I will keep it brief. In 2011, I begun my undergraduate Law degree. In 2015 I undertook my Masters in International Business and Commercial law, and in 2016 I completed my Legal Practice Course (LPC) and was extremely fortunate to be [...]

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