2019: Building Surveying Salaries, BREXIT and Boris… oh, and Ben Stokes!

As 2019 nears its conclusion, there's no denying that the last 12 months have been even more turbulent than most of us anticipated. After another year filled with constants, whether it be the never ending BREXIT saga or England caving under the pressure of another major sporting final (except for you Ben Stokes - we salute you!), another constant I've [...]

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Not numbers, not candidates, but people.

As I count the days down to a well-deserved Christmas break, I can’t help but reflect on the high amount of Quantity Surveyors – real people – that we have helped find new roles within a Consultancy environment this year. “Real People” You’re probably thinking, “Daniel, what do you mean ‘real people’”? Well, recruitment consultants continue to be tarnished with [...]

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The RICS Recruit Live

On Monday 25th March Brandon James attended the prestigious Head Office of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) where we played a leading role in offering detailed and first-class career and CV advice to members of the RICS. Construction, Property and Engineering recruitment As specialists in Construction, Property and Engineering recruitment, this was an exciting day for Brandon James [...]

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Quantity Surveyors: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

Don’t fear the Brexit uncertainty… I’m Daniel Foster and I head up our Quantity Surveying division, specifically helping PQS/Consultancy’s when they are looking to recruit Quantity Surveyors across the UK. Why do you need to know that? The position I’m in allows me access to the thoughts and mindset of what Directors and Partners in the PQS/Consultancy market are thinking. [...]

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Does your CV need an overhaul?

It’s easy to get into a rut where you simply add your latest role to your CV when you’re ready for a new challenge. However, every now and again, it’s worth taking a step back to review it in its totality. Why not take a look at your current CV with the following questions at the forefront of your mind… [...]

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Making that jump… From Developer/Main Contractor to the PQS/Consultancy side.

Author: Dan Foster Star Wars: Episode 124... A switch to the PQS/Consultancy side? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... A period of relentless heat has hit the Country and the National team have actually won a competitive penalty shoot-out! Though the heat is easing up, the Construction industry continues to excel and the demand for good Quantity [...]

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The four golden rules of changing jobs

Author: Hazel Buckthorpe If you’re a surveyor at a Contractor, Consultancy or Developer, now’s the time to look for your new challenge and find the perfect job to suit your needs and aspirations.  Holidays are almost over, the market is busy and Brexit anxiety doesn’t seem to be slowing things down just yet. It’s worth taking a little time to think [...]

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The construction industry needs Quantity Surveyors like my geraniums need a bloody good downpour!

Author: Dan Foster It was the Summer of 2018 and it was one of the hottest on record. Rain, what rain? 23 young cubs were sent to Russia and returned as a Pride… a Pride of Lions… roared on by an extremely proud nation. Paragon and Bond Davidson joined forces. BBQs every day; Field fires; Trump! The list goes on. [...]

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Do Quantity Surveyors have an identity crisis?

Author: Andrew Clarke I recently read my colleague’s article regarding the shortages that the Construction Industry faces (https://brandonjames.co.uk/addressing-the-quantity-surveying-skill-shortage/) and thought that maybe we need to tackle the problem at an even earlier stage? What is a Quantity Surveyor? Up until I was 23, my answer to this question was “What is one of those?” – my point here is that, [...]

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How to achieve MRICS: An unconventional path

Author: Dan Foster I get numerous phone calls from men and women looking to become a Quantity Surveyor with the aim of achieving MRICS. However, they have little knowledge or understanding on how this can be achieved, let alone what the process is. This is particularly true for those who haven’t obtained a RICS accredited degree. For people without a [...]

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Phone fear

Author: Dan Foster Scared of making phone calls – I promise you, it’s worth it! Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all looked at a name on our client list and thought “Do I call them?” “They don’t need anyone” “She’s rude” and then you realise you’ve just wasted 5 minutes – 5 minutes which could be used to book an [...]

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The devil that is a counter offer

Author: Damian Eatwell Are you disillusioned or feel under-valued in your current role ? Are you looking to move on ? If so, then good luck. However, if you’re good at your job and of significant value to your current company, I GUARANTEE you will get a counter offer. Why ? Well, the bottom line is that your boss has [...]

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All I want for Christmas is…

Author: Dan Foster All I want for Christmas is… Dear Santa (yes, it’s that time of year), Thought I would call in as the kids are very excited; did you receive their letters? I actually wanted to contact you about something I want. I’m a Quantity Surveyor with a nightmare client giving me grief and let’s just say I hope [...]

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Author:Cliff Kemp LinkedIn is awash with people from the technology sector prophesising the ‘Death Of Recruitment!”. You wish. They describe ‘AI’ as the ticking time bomb to the recruitment industry; the Grim Reaper waiting in the server cupboard of recruitment companies across the land. Not gonna happen. “But why?” I hear you ask. “We have self-driving cars and machines that [...]

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Shortage of QSs solved! Scrap degrees

Author: Cliff Kemp I’ve long had an issue with the entire education system in this country; a system designed hundreds of years ago with none of the understanding we now possess. Your little bundles of joy are working through a process implemented by men who were okay with a bit of slavery and who thought educated women should be burned [...]

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Surveyor? Need a new job? DO NOT apply for jobs

Author: Cliff Kemp In today’s market, no quantity surveyor or building surveyor without a conviction for armed robbery or worse, needs to be sitting on the train (or toilet) sending their CV to every recruiter with a Totaljobs account and a fancy logo, when the time comes to move on. Job boards (Monster, etc.) spend billions of pounds each year [...]

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Are QSs the new Premier League footballers???

Author: Cliff Kemp As most of us who make our living from the Construction sector are aware, the explosive growth of technology and the mind-boggling array of careers on offer has caused a crippling ‘brain-drain’ away from white collar Construction roles over the past 20 years. Together with the shortage of skilled blue-collar workers, I can’t help but think that [...]

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Professionals set in their ways

Author: Dan Foster I want to talk about the legal profession quickly. As most lawyers know and students are learning, the law is extremely outdated. For goodness sake, we still refer and use the Offences Against the Person Act (OAPA) dated 1861! But the statutes aren’t the only elements which are outdated… Many (but, not all) legal practices are run [...]

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The direction of construction

Author: Dan Foster It was only last week when I was watching Wimbledon and the cameraman provided a shot of Centre Court and in the skyline, dotted throughout, were a myriad of cranes. Over the course of the past 12 months Directors and Academics have echoed concern about the state of the UK Construction industry; predominantly as a result of [...]

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Addressing the Quantity Surveying skill shortage

Author: Dan Foster In order to understand my logic, you need to know a little bit about my background; I will keep it brief. In 2011, I begun my undergraduate Law degree. In 2015 I undertook my Masters in International Business and Commercial law, and in 2016 I completed my Legal Practice Course (LPC) and was extremely fortunate to be [...]

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Act fast, avoid disappointment

Author: Damian Eatwell So, the first quarter of the year is almost complete and the recruitment World continues with its ups and downs, as I was initially warned about. One thing that is obviously apparent, is a lack of good Quantity Surveyors. There are plenty that describe themselves as such, but not enough good ones. I have had the pleasure [...]

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Author: Dan Foster We are now reaching the last week of an amazing first quarter. I can only speak on behalf of my clients and my industry (property and construction), but I can honestly say that there are numerous Quantity Surveying positions available throughout the UK! But not just for young enthusiastic Graduates, but also Senior/Associate level Quantity Surveyors who [...]

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Great advice on how to find your next role

Author: Damian Eatwell Having joined the recruitment world relatively late on in life compared to my colleagues, I have the benefit of being able to see the process from both sides of the fence and from all manner of angles. It has become clear to me that one major blockage to a smooth recruitment process is the ‘scatter gun’ approach [...]

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2016/2017 Quantity Surveying update

Author: Dan Foster 2016 After a busy October and November, the Construction industry continued to gather pace heading into the festive period. And whilst most men, women and children were writing up their Christmas list, or planning their travels, or preparing to brave the shops as the 25th of December grew ever closer; the construction & property industry was as [...]

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The Eye-Test – Quantity Surveying

Author: Dan Foster I have not been recruiting in the construction industry for long and it will take some time until I grasp a better understanding of the sector. I am very passionate about sport and often watch a very intelligent sports pundit, columnist and commentator; Skip Bayless. If I have learnt anything from Skip, it is the importance of [...]

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