Act fast, avoid disappointment

Author: Damian Eatwell

So, the first quarter of the year is almost complete and the recruitment World continues with its ups and downs, as I was initially warned about.

One thing that is obviously apparent, is a lack of good Quantity Surveyors. There are plenty that describe themselves as such, but not enough good ones.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to many, most of which know how in demand they are. I make calls and I send emails to companies who I know are actively looking, to those who may be looking and occasionally to those who I hope are looking.

I am still getting excited when someone says to me “Yes please, send it through” I am even more excited when a few days later the candidate has an offer on the table. How quickly things move if the need is great.

Call me sad, boring, lonely, whatever you want to, but I had a look at all of the companies placements over the last six months.

76% of all placements were as a result of an interview request within 48 hours.

Startling eh ?

Those in recruitment will probably acknowledge it. Those looking to recruit may raise their eyebrows.

The advice is simple. Act fast, avoid disappointment.

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