2016/2017 Quantity Surveying update

Author: Dan Foster


After a busy October and November, the Construction industry continued to gather pace heading into the festive period. And whilst most men, women and children were writing up their Christmas list, or planning their travels, or preparing to brave the shops as the 25th of December grew ever closer; the construction & property industry was as busy as ever.

From Quantity Surveyors to Project Managers and Building Surveyors, there was movement all around. Vacancies opening and vacancies’ being filled. As Christmas was approaching, Main Contractors and PQS/Consultancies began writing their 2017 wish lists.

In the North West, there were wishes for Senior Quantity Surveyors.

In Yorkshire, Main Contractors required experience in order to grow and develop their businesses.

Moving down towards the City, everyone was seeking a bright and ambitious Assistant Quantity Surveyor or a Chartered Senior QS.

Then just like that, it was Christmas.


We entered 2017 ready to go. Ready to start the process all over again. Though many of my clients took their time to re-enter the office, their Christmas wishes were heard.

Out of the shadows of New Year’s Eve, potentially brilliant Quantity Surveyors’ of the future entered the market.

Ambitious, intelligent, and seeking to grow. A number of Assistant Quantity Surveyors seeking new roles.

January saw suprising requests. Associate Directors and Directors were required in London and Kent. 3 rare opportunities waiting to go.

The year is still young but already the industry is booming. Talented Quantity Surveyors’ at all levels are highly sought after.

Whilst it is another year, the skill shortage still remains and vacancies are coming out of my ears.

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